React Redux GraphQL Bootcamp2-8 Dec, 2018 - Eden House, London

Take your dev career to the next level by mastering
React, Redux, and GraphQL - in just 1 week!

Prices #

Please be aware that the ticket only covers the cost of the training, it does not include travel expenses.

Early bird ticket

Save £265

Ticket price goes up to £1995 on Nov 12, 2018.

£2160 £1895

Pay by Installments

Pay in 3 installments - the first one being 50% of the total cost and the others to follow over 3 months. Contact us and we can talk things through with you.


  • Date: 2-8 Dec, 2018
  • Timing: Sunday, 4pm - 7pm. Monday-Saturday, 9am - 6:30pm
  • Location: 8 Spital Square E1 6DU, London See on map
  • Food not included
  • Accomodation not included

Teaching staff

React Bootcamp Curriculum #

React Bootcamp Day 1 (half day)

React 101 and JS fundamentals

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React Bootcamp Day 2

Modern JavaScript, Thinking in React, Routing & Data Fetching

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React Bootcamp Day 3

Forms, Authentication, Styling in React

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React Bootcamp Day 4

Redux, and Testing Principles

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React Bootcamp Day 5

Functional Programming & advanced React patterns I, GraphQL, and Server-side Rendering

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React Bootcamp Day 6

Testing in React, Advanced React Patterns II, Functional Programming & advanced Redux

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React Bootcamp Day 7

Final Project

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Is this React bootcamp right for me? Are you... #

  • A developer with 1+ year of development under your belt using JavaScript?
  • Familiar with front-end technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML?
  • Taking a step forward to become a React JS Specialist able to make critical decisions about the architecture of a React application.
  • Not satisfied with the pace of online learning and it's lack of 1-on-1 mentoring?

If you've said 'yes' to these, our bootcamp could be for you!

Not for beginner devs!

This is not a learn-to-code bootcamp. If you want to learn to code, we recommend you to contact our London-based partner Makers. PLUS you'll get a £250 discount using our reference "ReactJS Academy".

"Technology nowadays changes very often and in future you may not be able to find a job with the things you know - you have to keep up. I like the fact that we got to write code rather than focus on theory."
Catalin Cislariu, Senior Developer - KLEIDO LTD

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