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Master React, Redux, GraphQL in London in a week

August 20th to August 25th, 2018

Bootcamp for professional developers

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Aug 20th to Aug 25th React Developer Bootcamp payment options:

Early bird ticket

Early bird ticket finishes on July 20th. Regular ticket costs £1800.

The ticket covers the cost of the training, it does not include the cost of flights or accomodation.

£1800 £1450

Pay by Installments

For those preferring to pay in installments, contact us and we'll arrange for you to pay in 3 installments with the first being 50% of the total cost and the other to follow over 6 months. The ticket does not cover the cost of flights or accomodation.

Payment Plan


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The most complete curriculum on the market

On completion of the bootcamp each student will:

  • Understand the core principles and libraries of the React ecosystem: react, react-router, redux, react-redux, graphql, apollo client
  • Be able to develop and test complex and reliable React applications: enzyme, jest
  • Comprehend the best practices for front-end JavaScript: functional programming, es6, webpack
  • Understand the best practices and patterns for building layouts: material-ui, semantic-ui, react-bootstrap


Day 1

ES6 & ESNEXT, React Fundamentals, and React Router

  • ES6 and ESNEXT workshop
    • Understanding language updates - difference between ES6, ES7, and ESNEXT
    • Arrow Functions, Class syntax, Template strings
    • Destructuring
    • Default parameters, Rest operator, Spread operator
    • Let and Const vs Var
    • Rest + Spread properties
    • ES6 iterators and functional programming in JS
    • Modules
    • Promises
  • Thinking in React
    • The Imperative to Declarative Shift
    • Everything is a component
  • What is React made up of
    • Props & State
    • One way data binding
    • Components with and without state. Classes Vs. Functions
    • Developer tools
  • Virtual DOM and JSX
    • React Components, Elements, and Instances
    • JSX and React.createElement
  • Component lifecycle
  • React Router v4
    • Declarative routing
    • Implement a master-detail web application
  • Data management
    • Presentational Components Vs. Container Components
    • Data fetching

Day 2

Forms, Auth, and Styling

  • Day 1 recap, build a React app from scratch on your own to consolidate:
    • React
    • React Router
    • Data fetching
  • Forms management in React
    • Controlled Components vs. Uncontrolled Components
  • Authentication
    • JWT
    • Authorization, public and private pages
  • Styles
    • CSS Vs. JS
    • Styled-components
    • Component libraries comparison: SemanticUI, MaterialUI, Rebass, and React-Bootstrap

Day 3

Redux, and Testing Principles

  • Thinking in Redux. What problem is Redux solving?
  • Introduction to functional programming
    • Data and behaviour
    • Data in, data out
    • Mutations
    • Pure functions
  • Redux Principles
    • Store, Reducers, Actions
    • Unique source of truth
  • React-Redux: Provider and Connect
  • Build your own version of redux and react-redux using TDD
  • Connecting Redux to the server
    • Fetching data from the server to Redux
  • Configure Redux from scratch in a React app
  • Testing Principales
    • Build your own testing framework in JavaScript
    • Testing Redux actions and reducers using Jest
    • Mocking. White-box testing Vs. Black-box testing

Day 4

Functional Programming, Advanced Redux, GraphQL, and Performance.

  • Functional programming
    • Composing functions
    • Currying, thunks and higher-order functions
  • Advanced Redux:
    • Introducing the Redux middleware
    • Exercise, build your own Redux middleware
    • Thunks. Actions that dispatch actions
    • Exercise, implement loading indicators using thunks
  • Time travel in Redux using Redux DevTools
  • GraphQL
    • Understand the fundamental differences between a REST API and a GraphQL API
    • GraphQL Queries & Mutations
    • Relay connections
  • GraphQL exercise: Integrate Apollo in a React & Redux app
    • Connect an Apollo client to a GraphQL server
    • Implement infinite scrolling in a React app using Apollo on the client-side and a Relay connection on the server-side
    • Update the state of your React app using mutations and Apollo client
  • Performance and Rendering Optimizations (quantified with numbers)

Day 5

Testing in React, Functional Programming, Advanced React, and Server-side Rendering.

  • Testing in React
    • Unit Testing, Integration Testing, and Shapshot Testing
    • Tooling: Enzyme & Jest
    • Testing Components, Higher-Order Components, Connected Containers
    • Unit tests Vs integration tests
    • Code Coverage
  • Functional programming
    • Composition
  • Advanced React patterns: Reuse functionality across components
    • Higher-Order Components (HOCs)
    • Declarative composition using the Render Props (AKA function as children)
  • Advanced React patterns II: Create more reusable components
    • Compound Components, dynamically flow data between components
    • Patterns and use cases using "context"
  • Server Side Rendering (SSR) with React
    • Nodejs + React + React Router
    • Universal Redux
    • GraphQL SSR
    • Styled-componets SSR

Day 6 (Optional)


  • Last day real-world app challenge. We'll implement an app in teams from scratch
    1. Create teams
    2. Discussion about architecture, features and tools
    3. Mini Hackathon! - work in teams to build apps
    4. Practice extreme programming and get support from the coaches and mentors
    5. Demo

Why attend

Focus, no distractions

Focus away from distractions, accelerate your learning. One week to focus on just one thing, learning React. Like-minded people, experienced instructors, comprehensive curriculum, and an amazing place.

Learn by doing

Learn by doing, move fast and break things. We want you to code as much as possible, and make mistakes in a safe environment. You will practice everything we explain in our project-based hands-on training.


Our experienced instructors will do code reviews and they will give you individual feedback. Instructors will guide you to think of the best way to solve a problem.

Collaborative environment

You will work in teams and pairs. You will have to explain what you do and how, rather than just doing. Explaining is a great way to learn and consolidate new skills.


This course is designed for professional developers who want to change their technology stack and learn modern front-end technologies. We recommend you to have at least 1 year of professional experience as a developer to attend this course. Please read our FAQs or contact us if you have any questions.

Learn to code

This course is not designed for people who want to learn to code. If you want to learn to code we recommend you to contact our partner in London Makers. You'll get £250 discount using the reference ReactJS Academy.


  • Why should I learn React?

    React leverages all the power of JavaScript, specially the modern ES6 & ESNEXT JavaScript. This is great since developers don’t need to learn a specific way of doing of a specific framework but rather they learn patterns and principles that can be applied to other frameworks and even to other languages.

  • How much JavaScript do developers need to know to attend this training?

    To be a good React developer, developers must be good JavaScript developers. We recommend having some experience with modern ES6 JavaScript before attending any of our React training. That being said, we always start our training with an ES6 workshop to make sure you have a good JavaScript foundation to leverage React.

  • Do developers need to have some experience in other JavaScript frameworks to attend this training?

    React is a paradigm shift, it takes a Functional approach rather than Object Oriented. It is declarative instead of imperative. Most traditional frameworks don't operate in these new paradigms, therefore knowing other front-end frameworks is not an advantage.

A day in our training

  • Breakfast
  • Lecture and code
  • Lunch
  • Lecture and code
  • Dinner
  • Yoga
  • Relax, rest,... or code :)

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