1-Week back-end JS BootcampGraphQL API, Node, Mongo

Take your dev career to the next level by becoming a
modern back-end JS developer - in just 1 week!

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A JavaScript stack to build production-ready GraphQL APIs

Build modern web applications using JavaScript and GraphQL as the cornerstone to speed up the development and performance of your applications. With GraphQL you'll have a query language that runs on the front-end and also on the back-end.


  • Node
    • NPM
    • REPL
    • global
  • Express
    • Server
    • Middleware
    • Router
  • GraphQL API part 1
    • What makes GraphQL APIs better than REST APIs
    • GraphQL Queries and Mutations
    • Resolvers
    • GraphiQL
    • Pagination strategies and Relay Connections
  • GraphQL API part 2
    • Authentication
    • Authorization
    • Error handling
  • Mongo
    • Difference between SQL and NOSQL
    • Difference between SQL and NOSQL
    • Thinking in Documents
    • Mongoose
  • Deploy your code in the cloud
    • Google Cloud Functions or Amazon Lambda Functions for your GraphQL API
    • Mongo Atlas for your DB
  • Consolidate your new skills, hackathon
    • Pitch your idea
    • Create teams
    • Discussion about architecture, features and tools
    • Start coding
    • Practice extreme programming and get support from the coaches and mentors

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