Full ReactJS Academy curriculum

We're proud to say that our curriculum is the most
complete and up-to-date on the market - there really is
nowhere better to learn React.

Bootcamps/part-time courses - what's the difference? #

React bootcamp

Our React bootcamp has the most complete curriculum on the market, with a syllabus that covers:

  • Server-side rendering
  • Advanced React patterns
  • Advanced Redux
  • Functional programming
  • GraphQL

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React Native bootcamp

Our React Native bootcamp is the smoothest transition between React and Native.

  • React Native foundation
  • Native animations
  • Gestures

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Advanced React bootcamp

Our Advanced React bootcamp is the quickest way to go from React developer to senior React developer.

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React part-time course

The part-time course has a condensed version of the React bootcamp curriculum by excluding the advanced sections and GraphQL. Ideal for those who value flexible learning and can’t miss a day at work.

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Four developer students concentrating on their laptop screens whilst ReactJS Academy coach Richard speaks

With all courses you will:

  • Build production ready React applications
  • Discuss real-world projects
  • Learn best practices
  • Be mentored by the our expert coaches
  • Join our alumni community
  • Stay ahead in modern development

Choose a curriculum:

React 1-week bootcamp curriculum

On completion of the React bootcamp each student will:

  • Understand the core principles and libraries of the React ecosystem react, react-router, styled-components, storybook, redux, react-redux, redux-saga, reselect, graphql, react-apollo
  • Be able to develop and test complex and reliable React applications: enzyme, jest
  • Comprehend modern front-end JavaScript: Functional Programming, Webpack
  • Understand the best practices and patterns for building real-world production-ready React applications
  • Understand how to use GraphQL on the client-side to improve your React apps development and performance

React Bootcamp Day 1 (half day)

React 101 and JS fundamentals

  • JavaScript Fundamentals
    • Object, Array, and falsy
    • Inheritance in JS
    • Context Vs. scope
    • Functions, anonymous functions, and arrow functions
    • Array.map and Array.filter
  • React intro
    • Introducing JSX
    • Components and Props
    • State and classes
    • Lifting State Up

React Bootcamp Day 2

Modern JavaScript, Thinking in React, Routing & Data Fetching

  • Modern JavaScript
    • Modern JavaScript for React - ES6 and beyond
    • Arrow Functions, Class syntax, Template strings
    • Destructuring
    • Default parameters, Rest operator, Spread operator
    • Let and Const vs Var
    • Rest + Spread properties
    • Iterators and functional programming in JS
    • Modules
    • Promises
    • ES6 exercise using TDD
  • Thinking in React
    • The Imperative to Declarative Shift
    • Componentization
    • What is React made up of
      • Props & State
      • Classes Vs. Functions
      • One way data binding
    • Composition
    • Virtual DOM and JSX
      • React Components, Elements, and Instances
      • JSX and React.createElement
    • Developer tools
  • Routing and Data Fetching
    • React Router v4
      • Declarative routing
      • Implementing a master-detail web application
    • Component lifecycle
    • Data management
      • Presentational Components Vs. Container Components
      • Data fetching

React Bootcamp Day 3

Forms, Authentication, Styling in React

  • Forms and Authentication
    • Forms management in React
      • Controlled Components
      • Uncontrolled Components
    • Authentication
      • JWT
      • Authorization, public and private pages
  • React Fundamentals recap, build a React app from scratch on your own to consolidate:
    • React
    • React Router
    • Data fetching
  • Styling in React
    • CSS Vs. JS
    • Styled-components
    • Component libraries comparison: SemanticUI, MaterialUI, Rebass, and React-Bootstrap
    • Storybook

React Bootcamp Day 4

Redux, and Testing Principles

  • Introduction to Redux
    • Introduction to functional programming
      • Data and behaviour
      • Data in, data out
      • Mutations
      • Pure functions
    • Redux Principles
      • Store, Reducers, Actions
      • Unique source of truth
    • React-Redux: Provider and Connect
    • Build your own version ofredux andreact-redux using TDD
    • Fetching data from the server to Redux
    • Configure Redux from scratch in a React app
  • Testing Principales
    • Build your own test framework in JavaScript
    • Testing Redux using Jest
    • Mocking and testing API calls
    • White-box testing Vs. Black-box testing
Next React bootcamp starts on 27 Jan, 2019 in Lisbon dist.

React Bootcamp Day 5

Functional Programming & advanced React patterns I, GraphQL, and Server-side Rendering

  • Functional Programming & Advanced React patterns I
    • Functional programming (FP)
      • Composing React components
    • Advanced React patterns to reuse functionality across components
      • Higher-Order Components (HOCs)
      • Declarative composition using the Render Props (AKA function as children)
  • GraphQL and Apollo client
    • GraphQL
      • Understand the fundamental differences between a REST API and a GraphQL API
      • GraphQL Queries & Mutations
      • Relay Connections
    • Apollo client
      • Connecting an Apollo client to a GraphQL server
      • Implement infinite scrolling in a React app using Apollo on the client-side and a Relay connection on the server-side
      • Update the state of your React app using mutations and Apollo client
  • Server Side Rendering (SSR)
    • Webpack
    • Nodejs + React + React Router
    • Universal Redux
    • GraphQL SSR
    • Styled-componets SSR

React Bootcamp Day 6

Testing in React, Advanced React Patterns II, Functional Programming & advanced Redux

  • Testing in React
    • Unit Testing, Integration Testing, and Shapshot Testing
    • Tooling: Enzyme & Jest
    • Testing Components, Higher-Order Components, Connected Containers
    • Unit tests Vs integration tests
    • Code Coverage
  • Advanced React patterns to create even more reusable UIs
    • Compound Components, dynamically flow data between components
    • Patterns and use cases using "context"
  • Functional programming & advanced Redux
    • Functional programming (FP)
      • Composing functions
      • Currying, thunks and higher-order functions
    • Advanced Redux:
      • Using the Redux middleware, and building your own Redux middlewares
      • Thunks, actions that dispatch actions. Implementing loading indicators using thunks
      • Using selectors to write more robust and performant code. Learn how reselect works
      • Sagas Vs thunks. Exercise, reimplement the previous thunk loading indicator with redux-saga
    • Time travel in Redux using Redux DevTools

React Bootcamp Day 7

Real-world Project

  • Last day real-world React challenge. We'll implement an app in teams from scratch
    • Create teams
    • Discussion about architecture, features and tools
    • Real-world Project - work in teams to build apps
    • Practice extreme programming and get support from the coaches and mentors
    • Demos

Upcoming Training

Location: London, UK
Starts: 06-08 Dec, 2018

Advanced React

Location: London, UK
Starts: 22 Jan - 21 Feb, 2019


Location: Lisbon dist., Portugal
Starts: Jan 27 to Feb 2, 2019

React bootcamp

Location: Lisbon dist., Portugal
Starts: Jan 31 to Feb 2, 2019

Advanced React