Corporate team training

If you're looking for the most up-to-date React training for your team without
having to leave your office, then our corporate team training is for you...

Example corporate curriculum#

This curriculum is the foundation from which we teach your team. We may adapt our training so you get the best training possible for your company's needs.

React Bootcamp Day 1

Modern JavaScript, Thinking in React, Routing & Data Fetching - Full detail

React Bootcamp Day 2

Forms, Authentication, Styling in React - Full detail

React Bootcamp Day 3

Redux, and Testing Principles - Full detail

React Bootcamp Day 4

Functional Programming, Advanced React patterns I, and GraphQL - Full detail

React Bootcamp Day 5

Real-world Testing in React, Advanced React Patterns II, and SSR - Full detail

Why ReactJS Academy is great for your dev team

  • Avoid delays & business losses with more reliable and consistent code
  • Increase employee retention, motivation, and productivity
  • Great for team building, and a safe environment for devs to learn.
  • Minimise the risk of onboarding React
  • Delivered wherever you need - worldwide!

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"Technology nowadays changes very often and in future you may not be able to find a job with the things you know - you have to keep up. I like the fact that we got to write code rather than focus on theory."
Catalin Cislariu, Senior Developer - KLEIDO LTD

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