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React Bootcamp Day 1 (half day)

React 101 and JS fundamentals - Full detail

React Bootcamp Day 2

Modern JavaScript, Thinking in React, Routing & Data Fetching - Full detail

React Bootcamp Day 3

Forms, Authentication, Styling in React - Full detail

React Bootcamp Day 4

Redux, and Testing Principles - Full detail

React Bootcamp Day 5

Functional Programming, Advanced React patterns I, and GraphQL - Full detail

React Bootcamp Day 6

Real-world Testing in React, Advanced React Patterns II, and SSR - Full detail

React Bootcamp Day 7

Real-world Project - Full detail

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Sorry! There are no React Bootcamp dates confirmed.

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Corporate Team Training

Private team training, located in your offices anywhere in the world, based on our proven curriculum for React and GraphQL

Corporate Team Training

What will I get from a ReactJS Academy training?

  • Build production ready React apps.
  • Discuss real-world projects.
  • Learn best practices.
  • Mentoring by our expert coaches.
  • Alumni community.
  • Stay ahead in modern development.
"ReactJS Academy has literally taken me from no React experience to feeling like I can go back to my company as an expert. It’s forwarded my career significantly."
Dan Jones, React developer - AgilityWorks

Is this training right for me? Why ReactJS Academy

  • For working developers - not for beginners!
  • Hands-on project-based training.
  • A collaborative learning environment.
  • Bootcamps for accelerated learning.
  • Part-time courses for accelerated learning.

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What's in it for your company - why ReactJS Academy is great for your team

  • Avoid delays and business losses
  • Minimize risk of onboarding React
  • Safe environment for developers to learn
  • Increase employee retention and productivity
  • Offer more services to internal and external clients
"You get the real in-person learning experience - you actually see what’s happening. It’s better than just watching a video where you can’t ask questions."
Nassar Kasirye, Web Developer - Freelance

Upcoming Training#

Sorry! There are no dates confirmed.

Corporate team training

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