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Great developers build great products

A great developer yesterday may not be that great today

Technology evolves fast, JavaScript especially nowadays. New technology helps you build more features with less bugs. The tech market is very competitive and hiring great developers is difficult. It's more effective to train them than to find them. Training also increases employee retention.

Learn reliable technology

Invest in learning technology that is tested, and it’s reliable. ReactJS is used by Facebook massively in its production systems. If it's massively used in production by a business with more than 1 billion users, it must work. With ReactJS you can create quickly complex user interfaces, easy to change, easy to debug (less bugs), and very performant.

The great developer

To become a good ReactJS developer, developers must become simply good JavaScript developers. They must learn patterns and principles, and not just specific skills of a specific framework. Why is it good? It’s easier to reuse those skills across different technologies. In other words developers can adapt faster to new technologies.

Truth must be told, learning React JS and its ecosystem is not easy. There is a paradigm shift. It is more functional and declarative. Many developers are not used to it.

Return of investment

If you own a business

How much are you paying to learn as you go? Let’s say you spend 16 hours (2 days) training a team of 10 engineers. In the next year, these engineers will put in approximately 20,000 hours of work for your company. If training your developers results in only a 1% performance improvement, your company will gain the equivalent of 200 hours of work as the result of spending 2 days in training.

If you are a developer

How long is it taking to learn as you go? How long are you willing to wait for that awesome job in an awesome company? Learning cutting-edge JavaScript will make you a developer in demand and it will put you on top of the market. Investing in your career is a great investment. React is creative and fun, unleash its full power and become an amazing JS developer.

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