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React, Redux, GraphQL training in London

Master React, Redux and GraphQL in a few days in London, small group and project-based training

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Early bird

The cost of the course is £1245 + VAT per student. Early bird tickets are only £995 + VAT

£1245 £995

Every Monday and Wednesday evening 6-9pm, March 12th to April 18th, 2018.

The most complete curriculum on the market

On completion of the course each student will:

  • Understand the core principles and libraries of the React ecosystem: react, react-router, redux, react-redux, graphql
  • Be able to develop and test complex and reliable React applications: enzyme, jest
  • Comprehend the best practices for front-end JavaScript: functional programming, es6, webpack
  • Understand the best practices and patterns for building layouts: material-ui, react-bootstrap

Curriculum - 12 sessions

March 12th, session 1

  • ES6 & ESNEXT Workshop
    • Understanding language updates - difference between ES6, ES7, and ESNEXT
    • Arrow Functions, Class syntax, Template strings
    • Destructuring
    • Default parameters, Rest operator, Spread operator
    • Let and Const vs Var
    • Rest + Spread properties
    • ES6 iterators and functional programming in JS
    • Modules
    • Promises

March 14th, session 2

  • Thinking in React
    • The Imperative to Declarative Shift
    • Everything is a component
  • What is React made up of
    • Props vs. State
    • One way data binding
    • Components with and without state. Classes vs. Functions
    • Developer tools
  • Virtual DOM and JSX
    • React Components, Elements, and Instances
    • JSX and React.createElement

March 19th, session 3

  • React Router v4
    • Main components: Router and Route
    • Implement a master-detail web application
  • Component lifecycle
  • Data management
    • Data fetching
    • Presentational Components vs. Container Components

March 21st, session 4

  • Forms management in React
    • Controlled Components vs. Uncontrolled Components
  • Authentication
  • Component libraries
    • React-Bootstrap
    • MaterialUI

March 26th, session 5

  • First React Project
    • Implement a React app from scratch
    • Consolidate learning by building
    • Guidance, mentoring and feedback during build

March 28th, session 6

  • Styling in React
    • CSS vs JS
    • Styled-components

April 9th, session 7

  • Redux Principles
    • Store, Reducers, Actions
    • Unique source of truth
  • React-Redux: Provider and Connect
  • Exercise:
    • Build your own version of redux and react-redux using TDD
    • Given an existing React-Redux app, you will have to build some features using action creators, reducers and connected containers
    • Configure Redux from scratch in a React app

April 11th, session 8

  • Testing Redux
    • Assertions, Snapshots
    • Testing Actions and Reducers
    • Code Coverage

April 16th, session 9

  • Going isomorphic/ Universal with React
    • Nodejs + React + React Router
    • Isomorphic / Universal Redux.

April 18th, session 10

  • Testing React
    • Mocking (Spy, Stub), Assertions, Snapshots
    • Shallow, Mount
    • Testing Components, Higher-Order Components, Connected Containers
    • Code Coverage

Arpil 23th, session 11

  • GraphQL
    • GraphQL: Query, Mutation, Fragment
    • Relay vs. Apollo
    • Relay connections
  • GraphQL exercise: Integrate Apollo in a React & Redux app
    • Connect an Apollo client to a GraphQL server
    • Implement infinite scrolling in a React app using Apollo on the client-side and a Relay connection on the server-side
    • Update the state of your React app using mutations and Apollo client

April 25th, session 12

  • Final Project
    • Implement a React app from scratch
    • Make guided design decisions based on the use case

A day in our training

Live coding

Developers will be introduced to new concepts with presentations and also live examples. With live coding we can enhance interactions between trainees and instructors and provide tailor-made examples to trainees’ queries.

Pair Programming

By working in pairs developers have to explain to their partners what they do and how, rather than just doing it. Explaining is a great way to learn and consolidate the new skills. Pair programming also increases motivation and productivity.


Our experienced instructors will give developers individual feedback whilst developers are coding. Instructors will guide and mentor them to think of the best way to solve a given problem. Groups of 10 developers for 1 instructor on average.


We are strong believers in learning by doing, and so we want developers to code as much as possible, so they can make mistakes in a safe environment. You will have time to practise everything we explain during the training.

Meet the coaches

Become a React, Redux, and GraphQL developer in our part-time in-person training in London

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Return of investment

If you own a business

How much are you paying to learn as you go? Let’s say you spend 16 hours (2 days) training a team of 10 engineers. In the next year, these engineers will put in approximately 20,000 hours of work for your company. If training your developers results in only a 1% performance improvement, your company will gain the equivalent of 200 hours of work as the result of spending 2 days in training.

If you are a developer

How long is it taking to learn as you go? How long are you willing to wait for that awesome job in an awesome company? Learning cutting-edge JavaScript will make you a developer in demand and it will put you on top of the market. Investing in your career is a great investment. React is creative and fun, unleash its full power and become an amazing JS developer.

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