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JavaScript Community

Code. Learn. Collaborate. Grow.

The ReactJS Academy supports the JavaScript community by providing free workshops and talks. Many of them are about the React ecosystem, although we are interested in any JavaScript topic.

I want to collaborate

The value of giving to our community


The JavaScript community is very active, and the React ecosystem evolves very fast. We need to keep our curriculum up to date, adding new topics and exercises. We test our curriculum in our community. They tell us what works and what doesn't work, it helps us to continuously improve it.

Practise makes perfect

The more we explain something, the better we become at teaching it. If cutting-edge JavaScript moves that fast then we can't stop practising. By teaching the community, we are exposed to a lot of developers, with different backgrounds, experiences and challenges. We learn from teaching them.

Word of mouth

The community is open, and it spreads the word of what they think it's good. We help the community, we do a great job, and they talk about us.


Organising events for the community connects us deeply with the community. It opens extraordinary opportunities for business, recruitment, learning and working on cool projects.

Next events

We organise our events in different cities through some JavaScript Meetups. There are thousands of developers in our community. Join our Meetups and you'll get notifications when we organise new events and workshops.

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We're aware that our industry is somehow exclusive and not diverse enough and so some groups are excluded. Therefore we are delighted to support some groups with a 20% discount. See the full list below with all the discounts we have available. Maximum discount is 50%:

  • * 20% discount Full-time students and unemployed people.
  • * 10% discount If you buy 3 or more bootcamps.

* You can have more than 1 discount. Maximum discount is 50%, including other promotional codes. Apply at hello@reactjs.academy

Learn React on your own

Do you want to learn React but you cannot attend our free workshops? We have curated a list of posts and videos to help you learn React on your own:


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